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When All You Have is a (Analytic) Hammer, Does Every HR “Problem” Look Like a Nail?

IBM is using software to solve HR problems, and created a new consulting practice for organizational changes: — Mohana Ravindranath (@ravindranize) August 7, 2014 I found the wording of this tweet and article summary more than a little interesting:

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Catching People Doing Things Right is Smart, but Less Fun than Catching People Doing Things Wrong

With a new football season well under way, I thought people might enjoy this blast from the past: We all know that “catching people doing things right” and recognizing their good work is a tactic of a winning manager. Doing

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“I’d Like to Have an Argument, Please” – An Innovation Message from Monty Python

Recently Inc. magazine ran a clever article by Jeff Hayden, The Monty Python Guide to Running a Business, spinning business lessons for entrepreneurs from classic sketches by Monty Python’s Flying Circus, the iconic British comedy team. As a longtime Python

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The “Door of Success” Opens Both Outward and Inward

I came across a success quote on Twitter invoking a door metaphor that I couldn’t, um, “unlock” the point of. Fellow Bentley University alum and sales operations blogger Marci Reynolds re-tweeted the quote in question: I like quotes but I

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Innovative Companies Don’t Have Employee “Sediment”

I got a chuckle from Sandy Kemsley’s tweet that noting someone’s Yogi Berra-style gaffe clearly intended to comment on employee sentiment analysis. It’s an important type of text analytics to analyze and discover “business signals” buried within online reviews, surveys,

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Product Managers and Marketers: Ever Feel Like You’re Being Treated Like “The Fighter”?

Or: When Leadership Squanders its Innovative Workers My wife and I watched The Fighter (2010) right after it came out on DVD. It’s an exceptional movie based on the true story of Micky Ward, a professional boxer from Lowell, Mass.

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The Impact of Imagination Level on Product Marketers and Managers

With thanks to a tweet by Donald Farmer, I recently came across an impressive graphic representation of the increasing degrees of human imagination. Brennan’s Hierarchy of Imagination was designed by John Maeda based on his conversation with Patti Brennan of the University of

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