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Marketers: What’s Your Fastball? What’s Your Curve Ball?

With the “new look” Boston Red Sox off to a fast start to the 2013 baseball season, and in anticipation of Opening Day at Fenway Park, I was reminded of a Kalido blog article with a great baseball analogy that

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Today’s “New Rules” Marketing Organizations Run Like Winning Football Teams

I recently read a great Ad Age article by Chris Kuenne, Four [Marketing] Talent Categories You Need to Win in a Connected World.  Recognizing that many marketing organizations still cling to discredited, “old school” marketing and PR, Chris Kuenne provided

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“Missionary” Technology Really Requires a Technology Evangelist

A technology evangelist “promotes the use of a particular product or technology through talks, articles, blogging, demonstrations, [etc.]…The word ‘evangelism’ is taken from the context of religious evangelism because of the similar recruitment of converts and the spreading of the

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“Everything I Really Need to Know About Product Marketing I Learned in Elementary School”

Dr. Stuart Payne is Principal of Northwood Elementary School, a National Blue-Ribbon School and California Distinguished School in Irvine, California. I am also quite proud to call Stuart Payne my brother-in-law. I was already impressed with the work of Stu

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“Where’s Mike” Happy Fun Contest Winners

Quick follow up: The photo taken by David Meerman Scott during his great Jan. 6 BPMA presentation (see next post) reminded me of a “Where’s Waldo?” picture, so congratulations to Dan McCarthy and Howie Lyhte who took me up on my challenge

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Real Time with Bill Maher David Meerman Scott

Thanks to David Meerman Scott for a great presentation on Real Time Marketing for the Boston Product Management Association Thursday evening, January 6, at the Microsoft NERD Center, an impressive, event-friendly space in Cambridge, Mass. David Meerman Scott built his presentation off

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Happy New Year: Top Blog Posts for 2010

I hope you have a very happy, healthy and successful 2011!   Thank you very much for reading this blog, whether this is your first visit or one of many.  Here are the three most popular blog entries of 2010, with a

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“Just Send Me Some Marketing Advice”

I like your advice column in the paper. I feel I could use some of your advice myself. I don’t know, however, exactly what it is what I want to ask you. Just send me some advice.  – Charlie Brown,

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Not All Interruption Marketing is Bad

While recently browsing some business books at the local Barnes & Noble, I noticed something stuck in the middle of the book I had just pulled off the shelf. Was it an insert placed there by the publisher? No, it was a business

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The Product Marketing Manager as a Plate Spinner Extraordinaire

Fellow marketing blogger Daphne Rose recently posted a smart, quick read on the seven characteristics of a great marketer. Of the seven characteristics Daphne Rose noted, I really liked the analogy she drew between product marketers and plate spinners from

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