Real Time with Bill Maher David Meerman Scott

Thanks to David Meerman Scott for a great presentation on Real Time Marketing for the Boston Product Management Association Thursday evening, January 6, at the Microsoft NERD Center, an impressive, event-friendly space in Cambridge, Mass.

David Meerman Scott built his presentation off his new book, Real-Time Marketing & PR.  Key highlights of David’s presentation follow!

BPMA attendees holding their happy fun complimentary copy of David Meerman Scott’s “Real-Time Marketing & PR”!  And now a challenge: “Where’s Mike?” The first non-attendee to contact me and point out where I am in this photo (click on photo to access full size version), I will get you a copy of David’s book plus a super-awesome bonus book!  UPDATE 1/12: Was lost but now I am found – See above post for my two winners/finders! (Photo taken in real-time by David Meerman Scott.)

“We’ll Always Never Have Paris.”  David Meerman Scott led off with a few examples of “real-time” marketing and PR, including Wynn Hotel’s PR announcement banning Paris Hilton from their hotels.  The announcement was made immediately following Paris Hilton’s drug possession arrest.  Wynn’s ‘No Paris Allowed’ announcement was reported and repeated constantly by all media channels.  Of course, this PR (certainly at Paris Hilton’s expense) cost Wynn nothing.  Key point: Company size and media buying power are no longer the decisive advantage it once was.  The new marketing competitive advantage is speed and agility – acting very quickly on opportunities as they present themselves.

Does This Mean Buddhists are Cut Out to be Great Marketing Leaders?  Organizations must “live” in the present.  This means acting upon “now.”  Unfortunately, few do: most companies draw from experiences from the past and then plan way into the future.  Organizations must react to “now” – the present moment:

  • Communicate in real-time.  David Meerman Scott urged attendees not to turn “off” cellphones.  Please do set them to mute/buzz, but go ahead and Twitter now; shoot a video and upload it now!  (David couldn’t have known this, but he had just given an effective sales pitch why I should upgrade from my vanilla, keyboardless cellphone with a smartphone.
  • Just add watershed content: Instant Websites.  Website platforms, hosting sites and blog services (naturally, I’d place WordPress at the top of that list) means the creation of websites can be nearly instantaneous, replacing the old school of outside consultants building “wireframes,” designing stylesheets, etc.  The website for the Bush-Clinton Fund, assisting the Haitian people immediately after Haiti’s earthquake, was built in one day, immediately earning millions in its first day live.
  • Engage the media in real-time.  David Meerman Scott shared a great B2B example of real-time media engagement, which you can also read in his blog: As soon as Oracle issued an unusually terse, in David’s words, “North Korea style one-paragraph announcement” of the acquisition of a competitor to Eloqua, Joe Payne, CEO of Eloqua, immediately wrote a blog post about it, and in so doing, took control of subsequent media reporting and analysis of Oracle’s acquisition.

A New Kind of “Permission Marketing”.  David Meerman Scott suggested a list of “things to do” to get started with real-time marketing and PR, including developing real-time guidelines, which give managers and workers permission to react. I was impressed to hear from David that IBM, for example, has written guidelines advising managers and workers exactly what permissions they have to issues comments and respond to comments in social media, and enabling them to do so with confidence.

It’s ironic that a giant like IBM is way in front of enabling workers to engage in real-time marketing and PR while companies a tiny sliver of IBM’s size would never consider allowing workers to speak on the officers’ behalf. (This reticence is hardly limited to small companies that don’t get it; United Airlines kept mum throughout its United Breaks Guitars PR fiasco, which earned United Airlines a black eye and Dave Carroll, the musician whose guitar was trashed loads of online notoriety and a business deal with guitar case company Calton Cases.)

The most important point of David Meerman Scott’s entire talk:  Social media are tools; real-time marketing and PR is a mindset.  Developing this mindset is very hard, but essential to put real-time marketing and PR to use for you and your company.

Thanks again for a great presentation, David!

3 thoughts on “Real Time with Bill Maher David Meerman Scott

  1. Hey Mike — it was great to connect at the NERD center. Many thanks for paying attention and for taking the time to write up my session here.

    I’m amazed at the power of real-time and surprised that fewer people don’t take advantage of the opportunities.

    Best, David

    1. David, Thanks for the real time reply! I look forward to reading my brand new copy of Real Time Marketing & PR. Glad to hear from you and look forward to staying in touch.


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