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Hit-your-big-data-targetKeep your Big Data Analytics Projects On-Target
Nuxeo blog, July 2016



Process Intelligence

Process Intelligence: The Next Leap Forward in Business Intelligence – and Intelligent Business (pdf)
KMWorld (byline article written for Altosoft GM), June 2014




Peter Drucker Predicted Big DataPeter Drucker Correctly Predicted Today’s Information Revolution and the Power of Big Data Variety
SmartData Collective, 12/4/2013




thumbnail__monty_python_big_dataBig Data Wisdom, Courtesy of Monty Python
SmartData Collective, 3/1/2013




The Mind of Sherlock HolmesBig Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and the Mind of Sherlock Holmes
SmartData Collective, 1/24/2013




Howard Schultz on Managing to a Vanity MetricWhen Performance Metrics Attack!
SmartData Collective, 9/28/2012




Hans Luhn and his Business Intelligence SystemBack to the Future of Business Intelligence
SmartData Collective, 8/27/2012




The Power of Unified Information AccessThe Power of Unifying Unstructured and Structured Data for Business Intelligence
IT Briefcase, 8/23/2012




On “Something is Not Right!” Don’t Ignore Your Gut When Analyzing Information 
SmartData Collective,  4/9/2012




Transform Unstructured Information into Live DataUnstructured Data: Separating Value from Hype for Next-Generation Business Intelligence  (pdf)
Information Management, 5/14/2008