Work Portfolio

Throughout my career, I have taken ownership of thought leadership, solution messaging and content creation. My work effectively conveys business value and helps sales managers achieve new revenue. Here is a sampling of my work.



Altosoft (Kofax)

I created the company’s website,, launched in September 2014, implementing a WordPress theme customized with CSS edits, plugins, screenshots, images and new CTAs. Although now redirects to Kofax’s website, here are some web page screenshots and collateral samples (pdf):


Attivio replaced its 2014 website I worked on with a scaled down version in Jan. 2015; however, here are some sample pages  (pdf): Attivio for Manufacturing ● Competitive Analysis Solution  I wrote all copy and CTA’s.

Blackboard Analytics/iStrategy

Many of the case studies and datasheets still appearing on the Blackboard Analytics website were written by me (2009-2011).


“There is a wealth of case studies on Datawatch’s web site – and they tell a wonderful set of stories.” ~ Merv Adrian (2009), Gartner Research VP

Thought Leadership/Byline Articles

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