“Where’s Mike” Happy Fun Contest Winners

Quick follow up: The photo taken by David Meerman Scott during his great Jan. 6 BPMA presentation (see next post) reminded me of a “Where’s Waldo?” picture, so congratulations to Dan McCarthy and Howie Lyhte who took me up on my challenge to find me in that photo.  Since they both dropped me an email quite quickly (with my correct location), I declared them both winners.

For those of you playing at home, I am a couple of rows in front of the post holding my book with a thumbs-up.

Dan and Howie will receive David Meerman Scott’s new book we’re all holding up in the photo, Real-Time Marketing & PR, plus a great bonus book I will be reviewing here soon: How to be a Fierce Competitor by Jeffrey Fox. Enjoy, guys!


Digging Into Buyer Personas, Planting Seeds of Marketing Success

I recently came across rather by accident the website for The Soil Association, the leading organic farming advocacy organization in the UK.

© Soil Association (UK)

© Soil Association (UK)

The design is indeed very clean and well done.  But even more importantly, the content of The Soil Association website impressed me for really digging into identifying its numerous buyer personas and building a site serving all these buyer personas effectively…

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