My Article Published in Pragmatic Marketing Newsletter

The just-published June 2011 edition of Pragmatic Marketing Newsletter includes an article of mine: an extended version of my earlier blog post Play the Product Marketing Game Like a Chess Grandmaster.

Here is a link to the Pragmatic Marketing article, and a link to the original blog post.  Enjoy!

Play the Product Marketing Game Like a Chess Grandmaster

In an earlier life I was a fairly good chess player. I still play occasionally; one of my favorite times in London a few years ago was chatting with locals at the Churchill Arms over a pint and chess (UK 3 – US 0, I’m afraid).

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One of the best chess books of all time for those seriously interested in becoming very good players is Play Like a Grandmaster by Alexander Kotov. Unlike many chess books preoccupied with theory and opening lines of play which often become obsolete over just a few years, Kotov’s 1978 book remains as valuable as when it was first published.

Kotov’s chess advice bearing interesting similarities to the results-oriented Pragmatic Marketing training for Product Marketers.

From Kotov’s book:

The player who wishes to improve, who wants to win in competitive play, must develop his ability to assess positions, and on that basis work out plans for what comes next…[Specifically, after the player] has worked out the relationship of the [position’s] elements to each other, the player moves on to general assessment [and then] proceeds to the next step, when (s)he draws up a plan for what follows (emphasis added).

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Digging Into Buyer Personas, Planting Seeds of Marketing Success

I recently came across rather by accident the website for The Soil Association, the leading organic farming advocacy organization in the UK.

© Soil Association (UK)

© Soil Association (UK)

The design is indeed very clean and well done.  But even more importantly, the content of The Soil Association website impressed me for really digging into identifying its numerous buyer personas and building a site serving all these buyer personas effectively…

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